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Veteran Direct Cremation Package

Veteran's Services

We truly believe that the men and women who answered our nation’s call embody the ideals Americans hold so dear. Because they have proven their devotion to their fellow citizens and to a grateful nation, we all owe them the same respect and devotion in return.

Direct Cremation - $895

Direct Cremation - $895

This package includes:

  • The basic services of the funeral director and staff for paperwork.
  • Transportation of the remains into our care and custody, care and custody of the body until disposition (up to 5 days extra charges occur beyond that).
  • The cremation fee.
  • Basic container.
  • Basic urn.
  • 1St death certificate.

Add $600.00 for oversized cremations (above 300lbs) and $383 for cremation container
*assistance cases include an additional $35 ppe charge